Jones County Medical Supplies, Inc.

104 South 13th Avenue Laurel, MS 39440 Phone: 1-800-273-0845 Fax: 601-649-3185

Hattiesburg Medical Supply

1301 South 28th Avenue Hattiesburg, MS 39402 Phone: 601-296-6000 Fax: 601-296-2020

Covington County Medical Supply

205 Main Street Collins, MS 39428 Phone: 601-765-3277 Fax: 601-765-3270

Quinn Pharmacy

3160 Audubon Drive Laurel, MS 39440 Phone: 601-428-0688 Fax: 601-428-0689

What We Offer

Why should you choose Jones County Medical Inc?

With branches in Laurel, Hattiesburg, and Collins, Jones County Medical Supplies, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality home medical equipment and services to our patients. The first concern of the over 70 staff members is for the health and welfare of our patients and families. Our goal is to provide the public with the best health care services, products and home medical equipment that will help the patient to reach the most independent and functioning status possible. Our staff takes pride in the care and service we provide to our clients.

Our Respiratory Therapists are responsible for all oxygen, nebulizer, CPAP, and Bi-PAP patients. Our Respiratory Therapists provide education and follow-up calls and visits with our respiratory patients. Our Therapists work with our pharmacists on patients that require nebulizer machines and unit dose medication for their nebulizers. They are qualified in performing oxygen saturation, including overnight oximetry, with a physician’s order. We are proud to offer the latest respiratory technology that is available. See Jones County Medical Supplies, Inc. for all of your oxygen, CPAP, and Bi-PAP needs and please let us know if any of our Respiratory Therapists can help you meet your respiratory needs.

The rehab department at Jones County Medical Supplies, Inc. provides custom wheelchairs and adaptive seating systems for pediatrics and adults challenged with severe disabilities, birth defects, and trauma as well as a broad range of other specialized rehab equipment. Besides wheelchairs, some of the other specialized equipment includes standers, gait trainers, adaptive strollers, and special needs car seats. Our RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Supplier (ATS) will work with your physician and therapist to provide the most up to date equipment to meet your positioning and mobility needs.

Our Certified Pedorthists take pride in providing our patients with the best foot care possible. We have two staff Pedorthists (C. Peds.) who are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Our pedorthists must complete a training course and pass a rigorous exam to attain this certification. They also must participate in continuing education to make certain they are familiar with the latest methods and technology in footwear and foot care. Each visit entails a full foot exam before measuring and fitting with the correct size, then discussing which footwear best fits the patient’s lifestyle. We also heat mold three pair of inserts to the patient’s feet that will be switched out every four months for one calendar year. The patient always leaves with a list of foot care tips and instructions on how to best care for their feet and their new shoes.

Let us help you with the paperwork.

Jones County Medical Supplies, Inc. files most insurance claims for the client. We accept Medicare assignment on equipment that is generally covered by Medicare Part B with a physician's order. Medicare will pay 80% of their approved amount to us and the other 20%, plus any unmet deductible, is paid by the patient or the patient's Medicare supplement, if applicable. We file MS Medicaid for most items. Most Medicaid items have to be pre-approved. Our billing department will verify benefits on private health insurance at the time of request of your equipment. Our billing department's determination is generally made at the time of request whether or not JCMS/HMS/CCMS/Quinn Pharmacy is a preferred provider for the patient insurance network.